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01970 613500
Parc-y-Llyn, Aberystwyth

Surgery Hours

Opening times - Monday to Friday:
8.00am - 6.30pm

Appointment times - Monday to Friday:
8.30am - 16.30pm

Drop in contraception clinic held every Monday at 17.00

Saturday and Sunday: Closed. All urgent matters will be dealt with by the GP on call unit. (Can be contacted by telephoning the surgery number - 01970 613500).

The surgery is open all day (from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm) Monday to Friday for callers at the desk.

Out of Hours

Out of hours GP cover is provided by Doc Ceredigion.
For the out of hours GP cover please ring the surgery number 01970 613500 and your call will be diverted or ring direct on 01437 769811.


To meet Welsh Assembly directives, and in response to patient comments we offer:

1. 'Same day appointments' These are limited and should be booked if you need to see a GP that day. Although there is a choice of doctors we cannot always guarantee the doctor requested.

2. 'Pre-booked appointments'. You may book with a doctor of choice up to 3 weeks in advance. However note that GPs are sometimes away, which will impact the number of appointments available.

Blood Tests
Note that blood tests are now by appointment only. This is to prevent patients waiting for long periods in the surgery. 'Fasting' blood test appointments are between 9 - 10am. 'Non-fasting' blood tests are from 10 - 12

Routine Appointments
Ring during surgery hours for an appointment or call at the surgery. You may consult any of the doctors. An adult should accompany children under 14.
ALWAYS LET US KNOW if you can't keep an appointment by phone. Please do not use e-mail to cancel appointments.

Emergency Appointments
If you need urgent attention you will be offered an appointment the same day, but it may not be with the doctor of your choice.

My Health Online
The surgery provides this website in collaboration with NHS Wales. Once you’ve created an account you will be able to:

  • Book and cancel appointments
  • Request repeat prescriptions
  • Update your personal information

Before being able to create an account you must get a registration letter from your GP.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to prove your identity. This is one of the measures in place to protect the information that your GP holds about you. Full details about the process are available from your GP practice.

My Health Online Website

Please do not use My Health Online for contacting your GP in an emergency. In the case of life threatening emergencies, please ring 999. In other cases please call the surgery direct.

Disabled Patients
Access for wheelchairs is well provided for, with ramp access and automatic doors to the waiting room. However if you need assistance please ask a member of our staff. We have a wheelchair available for use.

For safety's sake, always keep children under supervision.

Home visits
Ring before 11am to arrange a visit, if it is not an emergency. This allows the doctors to plan their visits.

Out-of-hours emergencies
An emergency doctor is on duty at all times. Telephone the surgery number. Out-of-hours you will be answered by the Aberystwyth GP Unit. If you need to see a doctor, you will be asked to attend there. Home visits are made if medically necessary.

Repeat Prescriptions
To order a repeat prescription, please bring your request to the surgery, or order at a pharmacy.

Please note that we are unable to accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone or by e-mail at present.

Remember to give us 48 hours notice for collection of your prescription from the practice and 72 hours notice for collection from a pharmacy. Remember to give us 48 hours notice.


Blood Clinics 9:00 - 12:00

All of the doctors provide maternity care in co-operation with the hospital maternity unit. We will see you regularly at the surgery for antenatal check-ups. The community midwife will visit you at home and after the baby's birth. Parentcraft classes are held locally.

Family Planning and Contraception
All the doctors offer a full service during normal surgery hours, however we offer a drop in contraception clinic every Monday at 17:00.

Child Health
There are clinics every week, with a doctor and a health visitor, to give your baby important health and developmental tests, and the necessary immunisations. You will be sent appointments for these. Times and details of the drop-in clinics can be found under the children's clinics section of this website.

Health Visitor Contact Number: 01970 627751

Well Woman
All ladies aged 25-64 will be sent letters calling them for cervical smear tests. The nurses perform these tests and the doctors can perform breast checks if you so wish. When booking your appointment, please ask specifically ask for a smear appointment.

Ask to see the nurse at any of these clinics
Well Person check (female or male)
Healthy eating and weight check
Stop cessation
Flu clinic
Travel clinic
Asthma clinic
Sprirometry clinic
Change of dressing
Stitch removal
Whooping cough vaccination - pregnant women
Coil check
Blood Pressure check
Ear Syringing
B12 injection

Travel Clinic
Ask for the Travel Clinic.
Make an appointment at least 6 weeks before you are due to leave.
We are a registered Yellow Fever Centre.
This facility is open to patients from other practices.

Please note
Some medical examinations are not included on the NHS; e.g. Insurance, HGV and sports medicals.
Please ask to arrange an appointment and to check the current fee.

Protocol for Carers

A carer takes unpaid responsibility for the practical and/or emotional support of a relative, friend or neighbour who has chronic illness, physical or learning disability, mental illness, or whose health is impaired by old age.

A young carer is someone under 18 whose life is restricted because of the need to take responsibility for a family member due to sickness, disability, mental health and alcohol or drug problems. Ystwyth Medical Group wishes to identify and support carers.

Identifying carers All members of staff can be involved in identifying carers: receptionists/admin staff, community nurses, clinical staff, health visitors etc.
A question on the new patient registration form asks carers and cared-for to identify themselves.
The district nurse workload enables them to identify carers and cared-for through their involvement.
GPs can ask in consultations and on house calls and check their patient lists to look again for carers who may have been overlooked.
Discussions about carers of children at the Primary Health Care meeting.
From hospital discharge letters and other information from the hospital (if arrangements can be made to improve their communications).
From conducting drug searches and from the issue of repeat prescriptions - e.g. a patient has Parkinson's disease, so the identity of the carer could be followed up.
Through forms for Disability and Attendance Allowances received by GPs/nurses.
A question could be put on the website.

Young carers:
Identification needs to be handled in a sensitive way for all carers and even more so for young carers.
Protect their rights as children.
Clarify and agree definition of young carer in line with local project.
Discuss use of language.
Check what up-to-date information is required and how it is published.
Clarify their roles.
Check what support is available locally, including Health Visitors.

Registration & Obtaining Consent
Our consent form is given or sent to all carers and cared-for patients we identify, either in person by professionals or by post.

Recording the Information
Once carer has given consent, link person from practice staff (Vicky Tonks) will put information on to the computer:

Administrative procedures/computer data:
Read codes:
Primary Carer .918H
Has a carer .918F
No able carer in home .ZV604
Carer unable to cope .ZV608

This enables GPs, nurses and all admin staff to be aware and therefore able to offer or provide support.

Referral Process
Referral process for:
Information and advice
Practical support
Respite support
Financial support
Social Services assessment

Referral process by:
Self referrals
GPs and professionals e.g. district nurses

Referral process to:
Social Services and statutory bodies*
Any of the voluntary agencies*
Support groups*
Services within the practice (see Practice Carers’ leaflet)

*listed in the Carers' Handbook available with the carers literature that is displayed on the front desk in the reception area.

How: All referrals for a Carer’s assessment can be made on the in-house form, which should be sent to the Social Services contact centre in Aberaeron or by telephone to them.

For the Carer:
A Ceredigion Carers' pack (including Ystwyth Practice Carer's Leaflet) is sent to all carers identified and recorded. It is important that all members of the practice team recognise the role carers play in coordinating care and support required by dependent patients and recognise the impact that caring has on them as individuals.
Flexibility in giving appointment times that are convenient and minimising waiting times.
Offering flu jabs at times convenient to carers and cared-for.
Flexibility in issuing prescriptions.
Offering information e.g. support groups, transport. There is a notice board by the reception desks and carers information packs are sent out.
Offering a sympathetic person to talk to.
Information on the website.
Links to the Patient Participation Group.
Slideshow advertising carer’s awareness on the multimedia patient call bored.

For the Practice:
Ongoing training of staff.
Keeping up-to-date with information e.g. through literature including leaflets on front desk for staff and patients.
Include information in induction of new staff.

Communication/information (bilingual)
Information pack sent directly to carer.
Liaisons with statutory and voluntary agencies.
Link to Patient Participation Group.
Link to Carers Development Officer.

Monitoring and Review
Continued awareness of carers' issues is essential, as is ongoing training of all members of staff to ensure this:
Adhering to Carers charter
Raising awareness of carers' issues e.g. through annual Carers' Week.
Training needs of staff/guidelines for staff.
Highlighting issues relating to local provision of services.
Annual review of protocol by link person/district nurse/GP every September amending as necessary.

Protocol kept:
Practice Manager
On the website
Reception training file
Carers' reference box
Copy to LHB
Copy to Carers' Development Officer.
When the carers' protocol has been updated a staff meeting will be arranged (including the GP's) so that everything is agreed, and finally everything can be signed off.

Carer Links

The Citizens Advice Bureau - 01239 613 707

Hafal Ceredigion - 01970 624 756
Email -

Age Cymru Ceredigion - 01970 615151
Website -